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Google preferred domain

I have been going back and forth with a friend of mine about setting your preferred domain to the www's or the non www's and what Google really wants you to do.  I still stand by my findings, as well as my attending of SES, PubCon and other Search Engine Optimization seminars.

My thoughts:

  1. You need to set your site to always show the www's based on what every SEO seminar I have ever been to.  In other words if "97thfloor.com" was typed into the address bar it will always show up properly with the www's in place "www.97thfloor.com"
    His thoughts:
    1. You need to make the site go to the non www's no matter what all of the time.   Just for the sake of an example  he has it set up so if you type www.example.com it will always go to "example.com" excluding the www's

    We agree on the fact that one domain name needs to be the "preferred domain" but we don't agree on the structure (www's vs non www's)  The reason I do the 301's redirect to the www, is that I am going off all the conversations I have had with other webmasters, and SEO's as well as taking good notes from all of the Search Engine Conferences I have attended over the last year.  I really would like to hear from anyone else out there who may have some authority on the matter and helping us clear this up.

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