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Google Sitemaps and what the mean for your site.

A quick HOO-RAH for Google Sitemaps.  I have been using Google Sitemaps on my websites for over a year now, and I would like to talk about some of the benefits that I have seen so far, and why every Search Engine Marketer should be using Google Sitemaps.

You should add a Google Sitemap to give Google information about the pages in your site to help them crawl them more effectively. Or, you can simply add a site to your account so you can view information that Google has about it.  It is a great way to make sure that Google has the correct information and that your site is getting indexed properly.

Information Sitemaps gives you:

Crawl errors

  • HTTP errors
  • Unreachable URLs
  • URLs restricted by robots.txt
  • URLs not followed
  • URLs timed out


  • robots.txt
  • analysis

Google Sitemaps also runs a breakdown of statistics for your site and top searched out words from your site and the average ranking position.   In their words:  "Top search queries are the queries that most often returned pages from your site and top search query clicks are the top queries that directed traffic to your site (based on the number of clicks to your pages). Average top position is the highest position any page from your site ranked for that query, averaged over the last three weeks. Since our index is dynamic, this may not be the same as the current position of your site for this query. "

In conclusion your site will be updated more regularly on Google, and it will help you better analyze things that need to be changed, and you get an accurate up to date status of your website with the crawlers..

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