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Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey Script

This Google Sitemaps Greasemonkey script is one of the coolest scripts I have seen in a long time. It is for your Google Sitemaps account and specifically your link reporting section. It displays Google Page Rank, Anchor Text, if the link isn't found and Nofollow for all the links shown in your sitemap report.

Here is a screen shot from some of my links to 97th Floor


You will see a normal link is in Black with the PR and the Anchor Text.

Red is link is not found but it still shows pr so you can keep of track of those you may want to go back and get again.

Yellow has the same data as black but in Yellow with a strikethrough that is for the No Follow, what was cool is by doing this I found 2 blogs that have really high pr that are not adding no follow to their links. I rarely check blogs for that anymore as most are no following by default.

You need the Firefox greasemonkey add-on to use it. Once you have it, go to the link above and click on install and it automatically adds it to your account. Login to Sitemaps and you have all the data instantly.

If they could make this work for Yahoo SiteExplorer I would be stoked as Google Sitemaps is still off on my links by a couple thousand and It would be nice to have a quick and dirty app for analyzing bl's of competitors from anywhere, instead of always using my internal tools.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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