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[Webinar] Heat Mapping and Turning User Metrics into Actionable CRO Data

With heat mapping and user tracking, improving your online revenue is now a science more than just an art. In this webinar we show you how to track the right user metrics and then turn that data into actionable sales funnel improvements. Taught by Campaign Manager Cameron Johnson.

What You’ll Find in this Webinar:

[0:32] Who we are

[0:38] Who we work with

[0:45] What we do

[1:00] Heat mapping and CRO

[1:37] What it's not...

[2:25] Think strategies, not specifics.

[3:12] All about expert Cameron Johnson

[6:45] Factors of A/B Tests

[7:30] 3-phase process & recommended tools

[9:30] Click Data

[17:14] Scroll Data

[19:15] 4 reasons users leave a page

[21:45] Movement Data

[28:00] User Recordings

[30:30] Form Tracking

[39:00] Q&A

A/B - what is your favorite tool for A/B testing?

Can you recommend a free heat mapping tool?

When is it not applicable? What is the solution?

Are there any initial hypothesis or A/B tests to get started?

[43:40] Questions, comments, concerns? Hit us up at up@97thfloor.com.

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Shante Schroeder

Shante is the Director of Marketing & Communications at 97th Floor.

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