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How can internet browsing be better then sex?

Heres how: Drop IE, or any other pathetic browser you may be using.

I have been using Firefox for about a year now and will never go back to IE (other than to just see how sites I have designed look in it) and I wanted to share my top 10 reasons you should switch to Firefox today:

  1. It's not a Microsoft product. (do I really need anymore after that?)
  2. Load time on pages is faster
  3. The best standards compliance browser
  4. The .01% of the time it may crash (because its most likely on a Windows machine) the new Firefox has a restore feature that opens your last tabs, and you lose nothing. (this alone sold me on the new Firefox 2)
  5. Open source people love it (thus they program the sickest extensions for it - FOR FREE)
  6. Easy extension updates
  7. Perfect for developers and designers
  8. User interface is simple and elegant
  9. Works on all platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac
  10. Find dialog is amazing, and they were one of the first to start offering web 2.0 features. (like SVG support)
  11. Not a Microsoft product - (ok that is 11 but it needed to be on the list again)

As a marketing professional I love Firefox for all the cool SEO tools and extensions that are developed for it. I could not live with out and wonder why people are still wasting their time on any other browser.

If you want to keep using a pathetic browser then don't click on this link - Get Firefox 2

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