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How To Think Like A Social Media Marketer

Some might consider it a blessing to be able to see everything as a marketing opportunity (as I do), but sometimes I wonder if it's a curse.

Let me explain -

Here is a picture of my son I took the other day with my iPhone (thus the sucky quality - sorry) of something my son had discovered to be one of the "funnest" things he had ever done (his words). He decided this all on his own too, that going down a steep hill in his Tonka truck would be a good idea:

social media marketing for Tonka

Just looking at the picture, it looks like a normal picture of a kid having fun with a toy, right? Well here is the problem for me. I look at this picture, and my mind starts to race, and gets flooded with so many marketing ideas that I think I am going to explode if I don't act.

The very first thing that comes to my mind is this - I may have a client selling children's toys, and what I start to think about is how I can use this to better market their site, make it go viral, build links, and of course - trust. For example - finding 9 other uses for a Tonka truck (besides the one pictured) and trust me, my son has about 20 other uses of that Truck that I think Tonka had not intended. Then, I can create some amazing content for a blog post worthy of building up a ton of links - "10 Uses Of Tonka Trucks They Never Intended [PICS INCLUDED]" and it would probably end up being pretty dang funny post that would get lots of attention.

Now don't get my wrong, I can appreciate a funny picture of my son without thinking about some way to monetize it, but I just wanted to share with you a little insight to how my brain works. We have blogged in the past that anyone can find a way to make their topic go viral (even for a boring industry), and all it takes is a little creative thinking (just like this with this picture).

Hopefully this makes sense, and you see my point of just thinking outside the box in order to take advantage of marketing opportunities. I guess I am lucky to have the kind of son I have, as he is ALWAYS giving me more then enough ideas to be able to go viral with!

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