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Reciprocal Link Spamming

Reciprocal Linking a bad thing? Is it a Myth, or fact? Well thinking about it made me dub a new term "reciprocal link spamming"

I was reading a good friends Utah internet marketing blog today and came across a post that got me thinking about something to rant about on this blog tonight.

I hear it (and read it) all the time about reciprocal linking being bad, and that it can hurt your rankings and standings with Google and other major search engines. I just want to put an end to this nonsense and clear things up once and for all. Reciprocal linking is NOT BAD (if done correctly) and its a myth that it hurts your rankings. However with that said, let me talk about the dark sides of reciprocal linking. The dark side of reciprocal linking should not even be considered reciprocal linking at all (I am going to dub a new term) it should be called reciprocal spamming. Reciprocal Spamming is when websites use link farms, or other linking farm related type sites to link with anyone and everybody unrelated. Ever come across a company that promises hundreds of thousands of links overnight? Well thats - Reciprocal Link Spamming! Getting thousands and thousands of links to fast from unrelated sites can really hurt you.

Lets give an example of a BAD reciprocal linking (reciprocal spamming) method to be more clear: Say you have a site selling dog crates, well getting thousands of links overnight by reciprocal linking to a farm where your site will be listed on "casino" or "dating" type sites is reciprocal spamming and WILL hurt your search engine standings.

The bottom line here is to help you be more aware of not missing out on good linking opportunities because of a STUPID myth you have heard, or been taught by a retarded so-called SEO Expert.

Another thing to consider is anytime you get an email from a potential linking parter (I know you have seen them, and get them all the time too) is to avoid linking with anyone talking about their Page Rank etc. If you are only interested in finding link partners because of search engines and page rank then you are linking for the wrong reasons. Also something else to keep in mind - If you are going to be sending out emails to sites that are related for linking then keep your emails short - about 3 lines is all. Be personal and let the person know that a human is contacting them and not just trying to puff up search engine rankings! Most automated link partner finding companies (reciprocal link spamming) send out one pagers that just get deleted so much faster because no one wants to read all that garbage. We want to see the specifics, so get straight to the point and don't waste time!

Most importantly take from this post to avoid these reciprocal link spamming companies (link farms) and please do not miss out a good linking opportunity when one comes your way.

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