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If its a link, you call it a link … right?

Google has a great tool for all of us called the webmaster guidelines that outlines everything we should be trying to accomplish on our website, as well as everything we should avoid when it comes to technical (onsite design) as well as (SEO) search engine optimization.

With so much talk lately in forums about linking and what links are good, and what links are bad, for example does getting links on directories hurt us, or does it help us?  If a site links to us and its not our fault can we still be punished for that?  These are all very good questions and should be considered in depth later on.

The purpose of this post is to talk about something very simple and obvious that most webmasters, and internet business owners do wrong when it comes to wording.  The words "sponsored links", "links", "link partners" etc are all wrong ways to name the pages of sites that you refer to.  You should use words such as "resources" or "helpful sites" as to not set off "alarms" on the major search engines especially Google.

This may seem like a simple thing, and you may wonder to yourself "does this really matter?"  Yes, it really does, so go through all of your pages and do some analyzing and make sure that none of your pages have wording on them that could get your site less Google love.

Paying attention to all of the webmaster guidelines from Google is also a good idea and we can get into more strategies later on, but for now this is what I wanted to post about tonight!  Its late and I am going to bed!

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