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Increase Your Conversion Rate 10 - 15% By Watching InfoMercials

A few months back I was up late working, as usual, and was up so late, that the late, later, even the latest show was over and the infomercials started. I happened to be watching one talking about making money online, and how easy it was etc. I like watching these anyway, because they are funny to me. I was paying close attention to the "keywords" (buzz words) they were using to grab peoples attention. The main reason I was taking notes was because one of our biggest clients at 97th is in the "make millions" industry!

So, in my process of doing a little late night keyword research I wrote down all of the "buzz" words they were using including the branding words they were using for their "new revolutionary money making system". I came up with some pretty cool ideas, and keywords to test out.

I did a little competitive research online with the words and found out some of them were pretty amazing words, and the only thing I had to do is put them to the test and see if they converted worth a crap.

Long story short, After approval from my client, I pursued the keywords and found some pretty amazing words that are converting about 10% - 15% of the time (based on web analytics) for my client by watching infomercials.

The lesson here is to pay attention to non-traditional ways of keyword research. If you are still just using the old keyword tool from overture to find keywords, then you really need to think about better ways of doing keyword research (or get out of the industry all together).

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