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Index-able content and the keywords that go with them.

This post will be pretty simple, but it's an area that most would be (SEM) Search Engine Marketers get wrong. Without going into huge detail about the different tags, or meta on your pages I want to make a simple point when going after keywords in your content. Here are a few points to make sure you are doing correctly on any given page of your website in regards to the keywords you are going after:

  1. Do not use any keywords in the meta (ie title tag, meta description or meta keywords) that you are not using in the content.
  2. Do not anchor up any words in the content that you do not have in the meta.
  3. Do not use keywords in the images that you are not using in the meta.
  4. Do not use keywords in the title tag that you are not using in the content.
  5. Do not use keywords in any header (tags) that you are not using in the meta.

A good rule of thumb, (if you see where I am going with this) is to make sure you don't give the search engines the idea your website is "spammy" by abusing keywords. The main way people abuse keywords they want to be found for is by including them on content page, or in the meta when not using them on the other side. In short only use keywords that relate to the specific page you are working on or trying to optimize.

Do not try to write your content pages for a search engine, write them for a human. Write the pages like you would if a search engine did not exist. When you start to understand this practice your website will start moving up in the rankings and you will be rewarded in time.

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