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Is SEO.com Worth 5 Million?

I leave Utah for less than a month, and Dave Bascom goes and spends 5 million on the domain name SEO.com. I read this report first over at Marketing Pilgrim, but wanted to talk about one of the comments left on MP.

Jeremy Luebke stated:

"The way I look at it is an asset that will only go up in value. Even if they had paid $10 million dollars, it would still be worth the money in the long run. Even is the SEO firm behind SEO.com fails, the domain will still be worth more than they paid for it in the future."

I could not agree more, but I am curious, being an SEO firm, how long it will take them to rank for the term SEO on Google? Google does give authority to the named domains, but there still has to be people behind the domain name that know what they are doing. Dave will be going up against the likes of Aaron Wall, Search Engine Roundtable, Rand and of course Wikipedia for the top "SEO" spot. For me, it will be interesting to see if he can outrank the stock ticker for the term "SEO", (which I highly doubt), but there is no question he will be getting a lot of type in traffic.

This makes me think back when Business.com was bought for 12 million (or something) and it was crazy at the time. Business.com can't even outrank CNN for the term business (as of today), but I don't think they are losing any money (or sleep), or regretting the decision to purchase the domain name.

With an SEO related site (in my opinion) it is different - my point is an SEO company that owns the domain name SEO.com better start ranking quickly for their domain name, or they lose a lot of credibility. Me linking to you Dave (along with all the others) is gonna help, so your welcome! I guess you can't spend 5 million and people not notice. Things this big usually don't happen in Lehi, Utah. At least not since Cabellas opened!

But who cares huh Dave? With a domain name like that, you can fail like no other and still be, at the very least worth 5 million! Congrats on the VC for the purchase, and I look forward to see what the domain is going to do for you!

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