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Joint Ventures - setting up the right relationships.

When talking about getting traffic to your website (or making money with it) it does not always have to be in terms of search results (SEO or SEM) on a major engine.  I am very interested in joint ventures, as I have been down visiting my old town (for my daughters spring break, and Easter with family) and set up a few more myself. 

Let me explain.   I often get a good response from people that have not seen my for a while when they ask me what I do for a living.   Marketing, business consulting, internet marketing, and of course search engine optimization.  Take your pick, I do all of the above but the response I get is, "Oh you can help get me on top of Google."  Yea, something like that! 

People are amazed at the possibilities that are out there (to make money) when they have been sheltered into marketing an offline business.  They do not realize the potential of what the internet can bring to them.  This is not thier fault, they just have not experienced what us internet marketing people have!  I am always amazed at the marketing "gurus"  I chat with (almost on a daily basis) whose jaws (often I have to pick up) drop to the floor when they realize what can be done online.  These guys are millionaires (many times over) yet they are looking at me like I am some kind of jedi master!  They have mastered what they do, but are clueless when it comes to anything marketing online!  (Again, this is good news for us SEO's)

This is where I come in.  Now like anyone,  I got bills to pay so its important that I get mine. (and you should not feel bad for getting yours!)  I do want to give back and help these businesses, and people that have helped me out through the years.  (But its going to cost, and I am not going to feel bad about it)  Even if the cost for them is setting up a joint venture with me.  In talking with a Radio station owner I use to work for I realized real quick in our conversation that I could get free publicitiy to my sites for a little bit of work on my part with thier websites.  I also found out talking to a good buddy of mine that is president of a Fixed Assets company that we could scratch each others back.

The bottom line is to not be afraid to talk to people and set up these relationships.  They have services you need and you have information they need.  It could end up being profitable for all parties when its all said and done.  (And that is my point with setting up Joint Ventures)

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