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Keyword Stuffing, hiding text, image keyword spamming–its all BAD

A very simple post with a reminder to avoid certain things when building your website.  Often you have hundreds (maybe thousands) of keywords that relate to what you are doing on your website.  It may be very tempting to use those keywords in the meta (all of them) on every page.  Doing this is a bad thing.  It is a good idea to only use the keywords in the meta that you are using in the content of the page.  Some search engines could think of you site as "keyword spamming"  if you put so many keywords in the html.  A lot of search engines have given less respect to the "meta".  Yet so many people keep trying to get away with it...  It will  hurt your standings in Google and may even get you banned. 

Hidden text is something that people are still tricking the search engines with, but once you get caught it will also get you banned and you have to get it off, re-apply to get reindexed and comply with all of googles guidelines.  Hidden text is when you match the color of the text the same as the background.  (this is where a lot of people just through a mass amounts of keywords or the same keywords cause they are not creative enough to come up with good content.)  All this will still get you banned.  Stay away from this practice.

Something else that is tempting to do is stuffing your images alt text with massive amounts of keywords.  Again, a bad practice.... this can also get you banned on Google. 

Bottom line, stop trying to trick the search engines...just be creative and come up with good content and start playing well.  Turn a new leaf and start practicing "white hat seo" techniques.  You will be rewarded in the end by all the search engines (at least the ones that really count).

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