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Lets go back to the basics. Word of Mouth

For several weeks now I have been talking with so many people that have been asking me the same question about directory submissions and if its still a good thing to do. I have blogged about this recently as well read a ton of other postings related to the subject so I think its a good idea to re-state my take on it.

Let's look at it this way. You are a brand new site, brand new domain name, never done anything online before and you want to start getting some credibility on the search engines so what do you do? WORD OF MOUTH is essential in any business. I think about the places I eat at frequently and all the people I have told how good (or bad) it has been. Long answer to a short question is YES, directories are still an important factor in gaining rankings and credibility on the search engines for this very reason-word of mouth. In the search engine world that would be link building. You are getting someone else to say. "this is a good website, go here" Remember the big directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Dir even though timely and costly (Yahoo just for consideration is 299 bucks) to get into, it goes through an editor and they have to actually review your site and say YES, this is worthy of being listed. This helps build your credibility. Again going back to word of mouth and the importance of building up your credibility. So when you hear talk about this being a good thing, or that being bad thing.. Remember your main goal to build up credibility and in the end this is really what you are trying to accomplish.

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