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Live - PR Gone?

Anyone in the SEO community is very familiar with the little tool called Live PR (Page Rank), well let's just say it was fun while it lasted. As you probably know with the launch of Big Daddy Google has released a new way to calculate page rank (Matt Cutts talks about this on his blog). This tells you this is on his mind right now -- Examples questions Matt Cutts has on his plate: This was just on his blog today (3/27/06)
- Is Bigdaddy fully deployed?
- What's the story on the Mozilla Googlebot? Is that what Bigdaddy sends out?
- Any new word on sites that were showing more supplemental results?
- Is the RK parameter turned off, or should we expect to see it again?
- What's an RK parameter?

Also on all the major SEO Forums this is the topic right now people are wondering about!

Here is what I think. In doing their latest update they must have figured out that SEO people, and tool building SEO people alike had figured out a way to find out what the page rank of your site is projected to be during the next page rank update. So you could have a toolbar page rank of 1, but a live page rank of 4. (this would be good news for any SEO working hard on a site--not to mention good info) Right now there is not many answers as to when the Live PR (if it ever will) will get turned back on, but its interesting to say the least!

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