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Local Search - Google-vs-Yahoo

When setting up local search campaigns start with Google and Yahoo, but let's break down each one and go from there!


  • Adwords will allow regional targeting for all accounts.
  • You must have a website to use Google Adwords.
  • You do not need a physical address.
  • You can target by:
  1. State
  2. City
  3. Metro Area
  4. Close to an address
  • Ad serving-uses searchers IP address as well as other "local factors"

Yahoo Overview:

  • Local Search PPC
  • They have a locator page so having a website is optional
  • You must have a physical business
  • You have to target from 0-100 miles from business location.
  • Yahoo serves up ads based on:
  1. Searches done for that location
  2. Registered members users
  3. Location specific on Yahoo Local

When setting up local search campaigns you need to factor in "localized keywords" and really analyze the best words that people are searching, and come up with a list of keywords you will target. You can reach more people with an IP-targeted campaign then you can going after general words.

Yahoo should be your choice for truly local businesses (even if you don't have a website) wanting to target people near-by, and looking for phone calls and in-store traffic. Google will work better for you locally if you own a website and really want to try to target people by IP-addresses for really targeted local keywords.

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