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Why Maintaining Focus is Essential in an SEO Campaign

SEO. It’s more relevant than ever as search engines are infinitely expanding their market share. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, your target audience is on the web searching for any information they can get their hands—or in this case, their eyes—on related to your product or service.

In the 1.04 seconds Google takes to display results for that query, will you be there?

If the answer is no, then it’s essential that you begin allocating resources toward the creation and execution of a SEO campaign.

A successful SEO campaign is backed by a colossal amount research. Every decision you or your agency of choice makes will be based around data provided through: Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Site Audits, Content Ideation, On-Page Analyses, Off-Page Analyses, I could go on but in order to maintain focus in this blog post (which is what it’s all about) I will just cut to the chase. While each of these components will set the path for a successful and effective SEO campaign, the inability to maintain focus from start to finish will not only hurt the overall success of your campaign, but will quickly begin cutting into and may possibly diminish your ROI all together.  

Success From the Start

The extensive amount of data collected at the start of the campaign, which is your largest asset, can quickly lead to your downfall. You’re like a kid in a candy store when reviewing the thousands of keywords in front of you. You want them all. Guess what? You can’t have them all… at least not right now. SEO takes time, and unless you have an infinite amount of money and resources, you can’t set out to achieve top 3 rankings for thousands of keywords in the span of one month, six months, or even a year.

At the start of every SEO campaign you should identify what pages matter the most to you, and then narrow your focus down to the number of landing pages that your resources and budget will allow you to pursue. This translates to approximately 3-7 preferred landing pages (PLPs) within a single campaign, the majority of the time. Keying in on your most valuable landing pages is essential to the start of a successful campaign and will dictate every other decision you make to piece together an actionable SEO strategy.


SEO is a waiting game. You won’t see the results you’re wanting immediately, and sometimes that can be discouraging. The solution is not to immediately pivot your focus. Instead, continue what you’re doing or up your current efforts if resources allow for it. A majority of SEO efforts won’t see results until 3 months in, and depending on the keyword’s difficulty, may not reach its full potential until 6 months or up to 1 year into the campaign.

If immediate results are your top priority, then your campaign should be outlined to reflect that. For example, structuring your campaign to focus on “low hanging fruit,” “almost there,” or “gap” keywords with low keyword difficulty within the first two months creates a strategy that makes those immediate desired results more attainable. SEO campaigns can be framed to meet your needs as long as those expectations are set from the beginning. Short term versus long term gains will very likely sacrifice traffic quality and should be chosen with caution. Long term and sustainable SEO strategies will guarantee an increase in qualified organic traffic, that is guaranteed to increase your ROI.

SEO is an essential investment to make in your business in this day and age. Your return on investment depends on a well planned, well executed, and highly focused SEO strategy that guarantees to meet your needs and reach your target audience. Maintaining focus in your SEO campaign is a constant effort and should remain a top priority in any current or future campaign.

Samantha Brown

Samantha is a Campaign Manager at 97th Floor, overseeing a team of marketers, content managers, and designers.

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