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Making the Most of Mobile

How many people do you know that don’t use a computer? You may be sitting in your office, looking around at your co-workers and thinking everyone uses a computer! Think a little harder though about your grandmother, wife or teenage son and how they access information today. Do they watch funny videos, read ebooks or shop on Amazon? Those that use the internet mostly for social media, shopping and entertainment are able to access all they need on a phone or tablet. That means that a large chunk of people visiting your site will never see the full desktop version. In fact, if your business is B2C in any way it is likely going to be viewed by a mobile audience even more than on a large monitor.

What can you do to properly serve up your content to a mobile-only user? Let’s dive into some of the best ways to optimize your site for mobile.

Responsive Site

Today it is standard to have a responsive website rather than a mobile specific one. While you could invest in creating a separate site for mobile devices from the desktop version, the variance in devices make it smarter to have an adaptive responsive site. The difference between smartphone screen sizes, tablets, and desktop computers cannot be overlooked. A responsive site will adjust automatically to the size of a window on any given device. As long as the responsive site is created correctly, it should fit right into any window on any device for any user.


Although this takes time, one of the best ways to figure out if your responsive site is user-friendly is to go page by page and compare the desktop size of the site to the mobile one on your phone. I will typically even make a slim window on my computer for additional comparison. In a perfect world your responsive site will look just as good on a large screen and a small screen. Unfortunately this is not a perfect world. There are often little things that can be improved on the site.

Sometimes a responsive site will cut off the phone number or call to action from the top of the page when the window is minimized on mobile. That is a problem. If you have pretty pictures on your website you might have them arranged in a gallery to show them off. If the image gallery isn’t created carefully it could end up showing up way too small on a small screen. That is a problem.

Those are just a few examples of usability issues that you could run into with a responsive site. A good web developer will be able to help you out with any of the issues that you have with your responsive site. Often the best way to find the issues is by looking at each one of your pages from a user perspective.

Page speed

Don’t ever neglect page speed. No user wants to wait to see what they clicked on. Mobile site speed is as important as ever because of the way that mobile users surf the web. If a mobile site isn’t loading immediately, they will likely find another site because they are used to getting everything immediately on mobile. Google bots don’t like a slow loading page either and that can hurt your site’s SEO. Use pagespeed insight tools like google’s free tool or GTmetrix to measure how your site is performing. Then make the recommended changes to the site to boost speed and performance.

Mobile is as important as it has ever been today in 2017. Mobile search took the crown as the most used way to search two years ago according to google. That means that if your site is lacking in mobile today it is time to catch up. If you have had problems with mobile in the past let us know what you have been struggling with. Digital marketing is what we do here at 97th Floor, and we know how to make the most of mobile.

Jordan Comstock

Jordan is a digital marketing expert at 97th Floor. He specializes in organic growth, content marketing, and SEO.

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