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“Miserable Failure” and the importance of anchor text

The story I am about to share is nothing new to most people that are inside the "SEO world", but I feel it's worth visiting again.  There are many strategies when it comes to getting rankings on the search engines such as onsite optimization, unique text, keywords, title tags, meta tags, link building, press release, article submission... blah blah blah...we have heard it all!   Well, I want to focus on the importance of building links through anchor text.

The story:  Go to Google and type in the word "miserable failure" and see what you get for a top result.  At the time of this post you will see George W Bush bio page on the whitehouse.gov website.  Your thoughts should be...Why would the white house be getting a ranking for that phrase? (It's embarrassing right?)  Well here's the deal:  They didn't go after it!  It was a cleaver show off of sorts by SEO's (and others) that know about the importance of anchor text.  A lot of websites started linking the keyword phrase "miserable failure" to the GWB bio page right there on the whitehouse.gov site.  Eventually they got enough anchor text links to hold and maintain a top ranking.  As long as others, and people like me keep talking about it and posting about it, it will probably remain at the top.

So what does this mean for me?

I hope you are not really asking that question and have figured it out by now, but if you are its simple;  You get certain keywords (or phrases-and more then any one else doing what you are doing) pointing to your website, or subpages you will get a top ranking on Google from that simple fact alone.  Out goes the door of any onsite optimization and keyword density etc, cause I promise you the White House is not optimizing for the phrase "miserable failure." 

Yes, this is funny, but it really does prove a solid point of the importance of anchor text links.  What I don't want you to take from this is that you can do this with any word, and get a top ranking for it overnight.  It's not that easy!  You still need to implement proper keyword analysis, and research in order to find the word that you will have a better chance getting a ranking on.  

I'd love to hear thoughts and feedback on this topic from anyone who knows more about it then me!

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