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Mobile Google Text

I just have to give a huge "shout out" and props to Google.  Not only for passing the 500$/share mark this week, but making me a fan of another one of their powerful, yet free tools.  I know it's not something that is new, but it is something that I have just barley been starting to use.  Google Text - where you text Google when you are looking for information.  When I was in Las Vegas I used it to find theaters on the strip, as well as places to eat and phone numbers.  It worked really well, but that is still not why I love it so much.  What really impressed the heck out of me was when I was back in Utah and it worked so well in the small little towns.  I would expect it to be perfect in a big place such as Vegas, but had no idea how accurate it would be in a small Utah town.

Here is what impressed me.  There is a chicken and ribs place that is fairly new and it was not in the phone book (I carry a phone book in the car) so I decided to text Google and give them a chance.  I did not think it was going to work, but after about 20 seconds I got a text message back with the address and phone number.  (To bad the place was closed because of being the day before Thanksgiving.)  This knocked my socks off with the power of Google text messaging.  I was just driving down the road thinking to myself ... I am glad I live in this day and age, because its so amazing the technology we have at our finger tips.

This also all relates to SEO as well, because when I was at PubCon 2006 in Vegas, there was a whole session dedicated to mobile search, and this just made me think even more of that!

How you use this feature Google offers is you send a text message to the numbers on your phone that spell out "GOOGLE" and in the text message you put in the basic information that you know.  What I did was something like this:  "Johnny's broasted chicken and ribs Utah" and it gave me back the local listing, address and phone number - all in about 20 seconds!!

For those of you that have already been using this feature my hats of to you for unleashing the power already, but for those that have not experienced it yet then its my full recommendation to start!  Thanks again Google for doing what you do best - bringing us the best information through technology for as cheap as possible (in this case free).

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