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My 4 Year Old Told Me To “Google It”

My 4 Year Old

Have you ever told yourself - "Man, those are two hours (or insert your number here) of my life that I will never get back." Well, I feel like that today after spending several hours reading nothing but junk. So, with all this back and forth (debate) crap I have been reading about link buying, Google bashing, Pubcon 2007 and annoying reads (I mean we really have heard it all) I thought I would share something upbeat and funny that my son told me today. (It is also scary how much our kids absorb, and really do pick up from watching us.)

I don't think I have ever really sat down with my 4 year old and talked to him about Google, search engines, SEO (or anything I do). Actually am 100% confident that I have never had any kind of talk with him about Google. However; He is always coming into my office and playing games on the other computer, playing with his toys or watching TV, but I never guessed he paid much attention to the things I talk about when I work.

So today, he walked up to me and asked if I knew where his picture was from one of the roller coaster rides at a recent trip to Legoland, Ca. I told him I was not sure where the picture was, and that I would find it for him later (when I was done working). He turned to me and said: "Why don't you just Google it Dad, because you use it to find everything else". I guess he does hear me (more then I realize) say stuff like "find it on Google", or "look it up on Google" with everyday interactions with my wife, friends or clients! It was so funny, cute and genuine that I was speechless. I ended up finding his picture for him right then....

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