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My Blog Log is freaking amazing!

Words can't begin to describe how much I love My Blog Log! I have done posts in the past about the site, but at that time I really had not dove into it as deep as I have at this point. There is so much power at the finger tips of bloggers that use it for its full potential.

Here are 11 powerful tools/reasons that My Blog Log users (or brand new to it) should be taking advantage of:

  • Instant site statistics - software that shows you readers, page views and offsite clicks. Just log into your account and find the "get widgets" tab.
  • "Widgets" for your blog that shows information like top 5 links for yesterday, and recent readers.
  • Recent readers - could be huge for your marketing research by finding out the kind of people that are viewing your blog.
  • Static profile page - Make sure you take advantage of filling out as much information as you can.
  • Social Media Marketing - Update all personal information like digg ID, del.icio.us ID and LinkedIn ID (many others as well, but those are the biggies).
  • Andy Beal uses it - need I say more?
  • Connect with a community of bloggers that are interested in the same thing you are!
  • Show off all the sites you author and blog on - If you run multiple blogs, or author multiple blogs it has easy integration to connect them to you!
  • Traffic - Amazing place to get quality traffic, and get your information to some bigger players. You might be surprised some of the people visiting your blog.
  • Images - You can upload multiple images to your profile. If you are running an e-commerce site (and have a blog) you could use it to show off some products to get people to your site.
  • The most important tip as to why use My Blog Log? ...... Because I said so!

Just remember if you are in the blogging community and not using My Blog Log then you are missing out on some huge opportunities for exposure, traffic, branding, networking - you name it. I think I am just beginning to figure out the power, but I am so amazed thus far and I will continue to share with everyone as time progresses!

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