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My Click Fraud Rant

OK,  here I go again.  I will try to provide some good information in this though so take it for what its worth!

I was reading an article today in the latest edition of FORTUNE magazine on PPC Fraud (Pay Per Click Fraud) and was just laughing; thinking to myself that Google has no one to blame for PPC Fraud, but themselves.  (Yahoo! as well).

The article was talking about how when a click is a "legit click" or a fraud "click".  Did the click come from a bot, or a program, or a human paid to go and click on ads?  Is the competition going and driving up your advertising costs by clicking on your ads?  (Personally I hate PPC Ads and thats why I do very little - again - look at the title of the blog)  I am not trying to be snotty, but here's my rant.

When Google implemented its Adsense program and started to pay people good money for getting clicks on crappy sites thats where the downfall began.  Have you ever heard of any sites referred to as "spamsense"?  This is where the name comes from.  Sites designed specifically for people to click on ads. I admit, I use to be a part of the problem and had some sites like these I am talking about (the money was to tempting) but after getting banned, and re-thinking what I was doing its much easier on my Conscience to make money from people clicking on ads legitimately.  And I don't have to worry about getting banned. 

The solution?

Google is probably doing this already, but there needs to be a team of people just dedicated to creating some BOTS that will sniff out sites that have no external links (so you can only exit by clicking on an ad-not worth it to me to pay for a click like that) NO CONTENT, just images of naked ladies or porn with about a million ads to click on.  Would you feel comfortable paying for ads like this?  It's all garbage and needs to be regulated.

One other thing this team can work on is identifying all of the CRAPPY Tier 2 and 3 (and below) so called PPC Search Engines and the network of sites they use for giving traffic, and putting an end to anyone having to pay for clicks generated through these kind of places.  Now, I am not saying all Tier 2 Search Engines are crappy, but most of the lower level PPC Search Engines are Crappy, and I think were designed specifically for people to get cheap ads, and send the ads to people that don't even speak english (and are just looking for PORN) to click on ads which contributes to the PPC Fraud of which I am speaking.

I will not name names (at this point) of these crappy TIER 2 PPC Search Engines,  they know who they are.  But I do think Google needs to stay on top of these kind of things better by evaluating the kind of people they let in the program.  Sure you may get accepted into one of the Adsense programs for a legit site, but then you can ad as many as you want without having to get them approved?  Most of the PPC Fraud is coming from sites like these!!

I am not saying I have all the solutions, this post was mainly a rant on my part, but something I know will be hard for Google, Yahoo! and MSN to combat will the competitors clicking on your ads, driving up your advertising costs.  My solution?  I say focus on natural search engine optimization and get your traffic for free!  Not sure how?  Send me an email or fill out my proposal form!  You will save money in the long run!

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