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Friends are the Single Most Powerful Aspect of Social Media

If your business still is not a part of the My Space social network, then where have you been the last couple of years?

If you are thinking that My Space is a place just for kids to hangout and get in trouble (or a place to upload your risqué photos), you might be surprised to learn that about 1/2 of My Space users are 35 or older. Are you a little more interested now?   As business owners start to learn about the power of social communities, they are starting to embrace sites like My Space with less caution, and preconceived notions.

My Space will increase your businesses visibility on-line, increase your website traffic and give you a whole new crowd of potential customers.  There have been rock bands made famous by My Space, and My Space alone.  To get a better idea of how networking is used on My Space with businesses like rock bands, check out the band of a friend of mine (Chris Catero) -  Razer Band on My Space.  At the time of this post Razer has 36667 friend (and potential fans that will buy their albums). What could almost 37 thousand extra customers do for your business?

The bottom line here is to take advantage of the communities that your potential customers are using.   You will make more money and increase your bottom line.  Don't be afraid to step outside the box with traditional on-line marketing.   As always with technology, things changes and Internet business marketing is always evolving.  Becoming a member of on-line social community like My Space, is a great idea for any Internet business owner!

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