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My two cents on DMOZ

DMOZ ... arggg - a very frustrating topic for most internet marketers and online business owners that know anything about directories.  If you have tried many times (and failed) to get your site listed (even waiting years) you are not alone.

Even some of the best search engine marketers and SEO's out there have a difficult time getting their sites listed in DMOZ.

There is a few things I would love to know:

  1. Why does Google give so much credit to sites that are listed with DMOZ especially when its a dirty directory?  What do I mean?  I have read so many instances about corrupt editors getting paid for including sites, while at the same time their own personal sites have multiple listings in the directory - and I am talking over 20 links!  You hear: "Become and editor of a small category and it's easier to get your foot in the door and get your sites listed that way" GOOD LUCK.  I have been doing search engine marketing for the last 9 years, and feel I know what I am doing with SEO, yet every time I have applied the last three years I have got denied!  What really "grrrrrrs" me about that is I know people (even friends - sad to say) that do not deserve to be editors, but just got accepted by chance cause they heard they could get their sites listed easier that way!   Sound Fair?  Not to me!
  2. Why does DMOZ keep editors that have not updated their category for ages?
  3. With all the money Google has (and with the recent purchase of You Tube for like a gazillion dollars) don't you think they and their thousands of employee's could run the directory a little better?

Now my rant will not get any of my sites listed easier with DMOZ thats for sure, but I mostly want to let those who read this blog and have tried and tried to get listed with DMOZ know that they (and their frustrations) are not unique.

Granted I have had a few of my sites listed pretty quickly with DMOZ (my record for one site was 5 days) but for the most part (probably because of the nature of most of my sites) it has taken months and in a lot of cases still no listing.

Again, my main gripe is the fact that all my sites seem to do better once listed with DMOZ, so I know the G gives importance to the link, but again I ask WHY .... with all the corruption going on its flat out annoying.

I guess the only way I can get this site listed in DMOZ if I change my last name to CUTTS and add one more T to my first name (Mat).

Come on guys...you started out as one of the most amazing directories, full of good sites, and something that was really useful.  Bring that DMOZ back and let's get it cleaned up.  I'd be first in line to help out with the process.

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