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Are all SEO's dirty? 

I have been going through a boat load of SEO related posts lately (on other blogs I frequent), and spending more time reading comments then I really like to.  Sometimes I get caught up and can't help it.  Before too long I forget where I started, and am lost in a sea of pathetic comments that make me do posts like this every once in a while.

What bugs me is how all SEO's are tagged "dirty" by non-SEO's, and people that really have no clue about marketing online.  I realize it will probably never go away no matter what way you look at it, because think about lawyers and the bad name they have (but we still need them, and they are not going away)  SEO's will never go away and will always be needed, because there will always be people that want to get found online, but have no clue where to even begin.  Think about how long offline marketing has been around and all the information out there, but yet there is still plenty of people paying tons of cash to offline marketers to help them with their business.

Why the rant? 

I was checking out some articles that were pretty cool on Digg and came across some comments from a Digg user talking about how all SEO's were a#$$ and such, and how they were making sites like Digg dirty.  There will always be spam, there will always be dirty players, but to label every SEO that way is a pathetic attempt to get attention (or should I say traffic).  And I must admit it made me go look into this person more etc...Maybe since the post was about link baiting, the comment he was making was a "link" link baiting attempt to piss me off.  Well it worked.  So this guy talking about how dirty SEO's are to get traffic by any means - (shows me) this guy was doing the very same thing by leaving the comments he did. It's all spam in some form and all dirty. 

I hate all the offline spam I get in my mail everyday, as well as on the doorstep which lead me to recently purchase a "NO SOLICITING"  sign for my door, but I don't think that every business that markets this way is dirty.  They are just trying to get business.  So again, anyway you look at it all marketing is SPAM.  The only way you can truly get business without spam is word of mouth.  I do not have to go out and find SEO jobs.  They come to me and most of them I turn down cause its just not worth it to me.  Word of mouth marketing is powerful, but you have to have a skill worth paying for (with proven results) for it to happen anyway.  So if you are getting results and making things happen for people and they are referring you to other people then is it really dirty?  NO, it's just good business.  Why do people get in business?  TO MAKE MONEY.  To make money you need to market.....anyway you see where this is going, but it felt good to rant!

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