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Not using Firefox? Hope you're not getting left behind.

For the very first time since I have really been tracking my site statistics/analytics/whatever you want to call it I noticed something for the month of December (even only 3 days into it) that I have never seen before. The number of people viewing me from the Firefox browser is finally more than those viewing me using Internet Explorer.

Heres the stats:

  • Firefox 51.3%
  • Internet Explorer 34.1%
  • Mozilla is at 1.2%

Then quite a few others trickle down from there in the 1% or less range. What does this tell me? Internet browsers, or at least the kind of people viewing my sites are getting smarter and switching to something that just flat out works better. Even in as little time as only about a year ago, my stats were in the range of 92% using Internet Explorer and 5-6% using Firefox.

I think with the recent launch of Firefox 2, and pretty much Google recommending Firefox anywhere you go, is helping the word get out about how good internet browsing should be.
Congrats to the folks at Firefox and all the true developers that make the product truly great and untouchable by any other browser.

Ready to switch? Get it here - http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

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