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Ok, Twitter I get it!

I have been messing around a lot lately with Twitter and just trying to "get it", and I finally have and want to share my top 10 reasons for using it. I suggest everyone become a part of Twitter today and add me as a friend! If you can get past the site showing quite a few time out errors, and the slowness of it right now, you will love what you can learn from it, and what it can do for you! Here's why:

  1. It gives you another static address (with your name or keyword in it - hint hint) Can anyone say more reputation management tools.
  2. Its an easy way to stay up to date (and seeing what people are doing) that you want to stay up to date with.
  3. An amazing place to find new friends and connections. You will show up on other peoples "friends" list, and I have found this has been a great tool for more traffic to my site.
  4. It is quick and easy to read - you can find really good info in just a few seconds without having to read a huge long post. (not that thats bad, but sometimes you want to just hear the most important stuff right away and be done with it).
  5. You can stay up to date with what people are doing via instant message, or cell phone text messages through Twitter.
  6. Whatever industry you are in, and depending on the type of people that are your friends on Twitter you can stay up to date (to the minute) of industry news.
  7. Twitter gives you new things (and people) to blog about.
  8. Twitter gives you tools to easily integrate into your website (keeping to the web 2.0 oooish feel) so your readers can see what you are up to at present!
  9. You can RSS your Twitter Feed and use it on other websites (if you so feel the desire)
  10. Everybody is doing it, so if you are not then you are gonna be left behind ... again!

As long as Twitter can fix a few of the server issues they seem to be having I think its something that I (and many others in the search industry) will keep using for some time to come! Great job (hat tip) Twitter!

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