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Multiple Products, Multiple Messages, One Slick Email Campaign

Email is dead.

I love hearing others say this because frankly, it’s not true. Email can easily become your company’s money making machine — if you simply spend a little time defining the “job to be done” with email marketing, crafting a killer strategy, then sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Follow the framework of:

1 - Why email?

2 - How to email?

3 - What to email?

After spending time on this framework, we at 97th Floor created an email campaign known affectionately as the “Product Cycler”. From March 2017 until July 2017 we have had 4x more sessions from email visits, and doubled the client's email revenue with one email campaign.

If you have a company or client with multiple products, this “Cycler” campaign could be the next home run.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get an email marketing software (this client used Infusionsoft).
  2.  Create a new campaign that begins when a customer first makes a purchase. (Yep, we waited to engage with our customers until after they had made a purchase. Our client has a great product that they believe in, and their struggle was getting customers to try new products that they offer.)


    Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor


  3. Once you have a customer purchase and their email captured, the product cycler begins. Infusionsoft allows us to set tags based on implicit data gathered by the customer's behavior on the site. The first tag is set to fire after the purchase and then send them into a segmented email funnel, based on the first product that our client offers that the customer has not purchased yet.


    Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor


    Sends here:

    Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor

  4. Inside that segmented email funnel, the customer is sent an informative product email giving the basics of the product and a call to action to learn more on the blog.


    Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor          Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor


  5. If the customer doesn’t purchase that product within the two weeks after that email was sent, another email fires off to their inbox, containing product reviews and a strong call to action to buy now.


    Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor


  6. After the customer either purchases the product or two weeks go by with no purchase, the customer automatically gets placed back in main cycler campaign.


    Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor Email Strategy | Product Cycler | 97th Floor


  7. Then it’s simply rinse and repeat, as each new mini campaign begins if the customer has never purchased that product. The cycler ends once the customer has either: purchased every product, or has seen every mini campaign for each individual product that our client provides.

This campaign has worked wonders for our client and can for you, too.

Feeling overwhelmed by email in the first place? No sweat! Get certified over at Hubspot with their free email training, otherwise get cycling and watch the dollar signs add up.

Jon Hammond

Jon is an Enterprise Digital Marketer, who loves taking big ideas and conveying them through story on marketing channels.

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