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Page Rank Hi-jacking?

Just a quick note about something Utah SEO Chris Bennett (owner of 97thfloor.com) came across the other day and it got me thinking about all the things (scams) we got to be careful about in the world of SEO. If I can bring this up here and maybe save one person from not making a mistake then it will be worth it!

He had come across a page that was selling a Page Rank 10 text-link for 200 a month. Anyone involved in the world of SEO knows that is just to good to be true. Besides what it could do for rankings (for whatever word you anchor up) just imagine the actual traffic you could get from a link on a PR 10. It could be insane.

So, just for kicks we investigated a little bit and found out the site only had a couple back links to it and virtually NO Offsite Optimization. MSN, Yahoo and Google all showed no signs of the site even on radar. There are tools to find out if sites are cloaked and we ran some tools on this site and found out it was jacking the Page Rank from another source (which actually was the PR 10) The site in question (which I will not give any exposure here), had no page rank and like I said ... virtually no back links. Crazy huh?

So the point here is to be careful when purchasing links. I would always make sure anyone is very careful about any links they might buy on Ebay, forums or other various search engine blogs, or domain names promising a PR 9 or 10 - yet only selling for a 100 bucks??? Ask yourself this: "Why would anyone be selling a PR 10 site for 100 bucks"? The answer is they would never. Never in a million years.

To me its' amazing the forms that fraud takes on. Who would have ever thought you would have to worry about purchasing links on supposed high PR sites, only find out the site is probably banned on most search engines. Be careful and stick to the basics with link building. A link from a banned site on Google could be bad news for the future of your site, and you never want to have to deal with that!

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