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Long Story Short: Connecting with Clients Through Storytelling With Vivint Solar Vice President of Marketing Miranda Barnard (#022)

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Everything Sucks, and I Hate It

As a creative, feedback can be the worst part of a job.Some of the time it feels like all the client has to say is “Everything sucks, and I hate it.” However, feedback doesn’t have to be scary. Here are some simple tips and tricks for both designers and clients to help the process go smoother.

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Daredevil: Learning to Embrace the Dangers of Entrepreneurship With Four Foods Group COO Josh Boshard (#021)

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Know Thyself: Understanding Your Strengths (and Hiring for the Rest) With Motivosity CMO Joe Staples (#020)

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The Last Time’s the Charm: Trying Until You Succeed With Wooly CEO Scott Paul (#019)

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