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People Attacking Sphinn For Implementing NoFollow Need To Find A Hobby

Yes, we all love getting link love, but we all love getting traffic too - right? I really don't think it was Danny Sullivans intent to be greedy with the link juice. People react way to quickly when tests are being run (and no, I really don't care if it's not a test). I will run tests all day if it can prevent more spam, and take less time away from me having to deal with idiots.

Something else people need to pay attention to is traffic they are getting from Sphinn. I am seeing some amazing traffic from Sphinn, and to me, thats where it really matters. If you are doing your campaigns correctly anyway you won't have to rely on a site like Sphinn to pass you any link authority.

My hat is off to Danny Sullivan for creating such an amazing site to share search industry news, and a social site that "SEO's" are not hated, but accepted. Sphinn, you can keep nofollowing me all day if you like, as long as you keep sending me that amazing traffic from stories that are worthy!

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