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Picture Resize Tool

I want to share with all my readers a picture resizing tool I was told about today - http://www.picresize.com

There are several different reasons e-commerce (product selling) sites need pictures resized. Most of the time when they get a catalog CD from their supplier the images that come are extremely huge and can't be worked with on a website until they are resized. Plus for optimization purposes - as hard as it is to believe some people are still using dial-up connections and will never be able to wait for a huge image on your site to load.

If your site takes longer then 8 seconds to fully load most people will click off and go view the next. So make sure and take the proper steps to make sure all your images are universal in size and load quickly. I know it seems like a simple and easy step, but it can mean the difference of making a sale and not making a sale!

I would love to hear from everyone out there what picture resizing programs you use, and what you would recommend? Also what you use picture resizing programs for?

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