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PinGoat - more blog promotion ideas


Just another idea for my readers in regards to blog promotional tools, and in this case a site - http://pingoat.com What is pingoat?  Pingoat is a service that will keep track of blogs and publish them for you and ping other services when you make new posts.  By allowing the ping you will increase your blogs popularity and get more traffic and potentially more money will be made.

You should visit the site and get started today if you want more visibility for your blog!

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If you’ve ever stared at a computer as you waited for inspiration to strike, you likely know the frustration of having a mind as blank as the screen in front of you. It happens to the best of us. Within the writing world, this has been given the now common term of writer’s block. Ask any writer what writer’s block is like and they’re bound to tell you about the headaches that accompany it. Even more stressful are those times when writer’s block strikes while a deadline looms ever so close.

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