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Pinterest Holiday Marketing Guide

Pinterest Holiday Marketing GuideIt's that time of year, but this year there is a new player. I am sure I am preaching to the choir when I suggest that Pinterest should play huge role in your marketing strategy this Holiday season, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Pinterest users engage, convert and buy, plus their demographics are better than any other social site. Im going to lay out a handful of strategies that you can hopefully use to structure and execute on this season. *Note Pinterest should not be your only place you are doing Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff, you should be doing it across all social, email etc...but Pinterest will be a huge factor this year  because it works so well and its the new Social Media darling. 

Get Your House In Order

First things first, most of you probably don't have that great of a following on Pinterest yet, but hopefully you have been pushing well on Twitter, FaceBook and email campaigns over the years. Start now on alerting your followers, customers, contacts and prospects, get the word out that you will be blasting social and for them to follow you wherever they are not currently. Tell them you will be doing unique coupons and deals on Pinterest to entice them to follow you there. Put a huge button on your site alerting them to follow you on social before Black Friday and Cyber Monday starts. Write up a blog post, send an email blast. Get your follower count up and active prior. *The #1 reason "Pin it to Win it" contests don't always work is because the company thinks the contest is strong enough to carry itself without having an audience first. So start nurturing your audience. Create a "Black Friday" board and a "Cyber Monday" board now, put some filler on or an image pin that says you will be posting tons of deals and for them to follow the board now.

**Make them feel special by creating a Pinterest only Coupon ahead of time that they can bring in on their phone, or a Pinterest only coupon code for online, this will make them feel special and spread the word. Your coupons will go viral. Or enter "Pinterest Black Friday" as a coupon code for exclusive savings for Pinterest users.

Contribute to HUGE boards (Get 100k New Followers in a Week)

One of the most effective ways you can grow your audience in rapid time is becoming a contributor on related boards that already have massive followings. Not a lot of people know this but once you get good at it you can literally grow your follower count to 100k+ in less than a week. This isn't 100k followers to your account per se but if you are a contributor to a 3 boards all with 30k followers or more it is virtually just as powerful. Colby Almond our Pinterest aficionado is always actively doing this and one of our clients had a brand new Pinterest account last week and now has a reach of over 300k because of the boards they are now contributors on. Their average Pins are way up and their SuperPins take off even quicker. This is one of our best kept secrets and we have never shared this info before, but it is huge and you need to do it. Colby will be doing a video on best practices around this next week. This is not referring to boards that have a lot of followers, there are some boards (it is hard to identify) that are open/community boards where the owner has opened it up and you can become contributors there. One thing that has helped in getting accepted is relevance and showing that you have a blog in that niche.

Use SuperPins to raise awareness

SuperPins, Instructographics it's all the same, you are creating well thought out images with a message that is large that stands out from ordinary pins. These are images that are going to generate 10's of thousands of Pins and piles of traffic. We have found that 5,000 pixels long is the perfect number to generate more traffic to your site. Anything smaller is more like your run of the mill pins and it won't stand out. So plan out some How To's or DIY's or some thing very inspirational or motivational that is related to your products that you will be selling come Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure these live on your site and put some call to action near them, show product, email subscriptions, call to action to follow your black Friday board etc...If you are a bigger brand you have it made so make a SuperPin saying follow our Black Friday/Cyber Monday boards. Do one that is going to show how many deals you will have and what the average savings will be in how many categories. Almost like an infographic on how awesome your black Friday/cyber Monday deals are going to be.

Examples of Superpins or Instructographics:

vodka infographic

pins 1


scarves infographic

pins 2

lego wall infographic pins 3
black pinterestBlack Friday/Cyber Monday

The big day is here you need to start early, I would start the night before so first thing in the morning you have some saturation. Start pinning your deals. Put #blackfriday on the image and or in the description as I would suspect a lot of Pinners will use that to search for deals. Pin each deal separate  if you are a huge retailer and you literally have thousands of things I would create category specific boards for black Friday/cyber Monday. If you have retail locations post pics of the madness, pin hot items that are in stores, post coupons etc...If you do not have retail locations pin the hot products from the website and show the deal in the Pin. "Was $99, Today Only $59" you get the idea. The more you can do to make Pinners feel like you are doing stuff tailored to them the better success you will have.

Remarket to all your Black Friday followers for Cyber Monday and do it all over again. Put out teasers on Sat and Sun after black Friday to get them amped for Monday.

Lead Nurture

Through all of this you should be growing your social reach and capturing leads that you can nurture forever. If you are health/fitness related do another blast for New Years Resolutions, if your related to Valentines day etc...make sure that one of your main goals on top of selling merchandise is to get leads.

Final Thoughts and Extra Tips

  • I haven't looked into this, but what if you did a portal on your site where you have to be a Pinterest user to login in, so they would login with their Pinterest credentials and that would give them exclusive deals and extra savings only to pinners. I think that would go over huge, when you help Pinners they help you by spreading the word. I would do this with FB too. I think this would really work. If you didn't want to build the login then have a splash page that says, "Follow Us on Pinterest to Get To our Exclusive Deals Just For You." Make them follow you on the splash page which will trigger the gateway to load with all the "exclusive" "top secret" deals that are just for them.
  • I don't think there is a better time to test out some ideas and leverage Pinterest it is going to be a feeding frenzy come November 23rd and you should be right in the middle of it.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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