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Reap and Sow: Enjoying the Fruits of SEO

We get it. You want results and you want them now. Whether it’s higher monthly traffic, more conversions, or improved keyword rankings, you want to see your money working for you. It’s understandable. Throwing your money into the proverbial black box of SEO can be daunting, since search engine optimization is often a complex process and you don’t know how or when your money will turn into results on the other side. But just how long will those results take to manifest themselves? Will your investment pay off?

The answer is simple, yet not simplistic. Think of SEO work like farming. Yes, farming.

Imagine you’re struggling to establish a thriving farm that bears fresh fruits and vegetables — a farm big enough to support your family. How do you get to the point where you’re producing enough? And how do you ensure your crops are thriving and multiplying year after year?

First, you examine the current state of your farm

How’s your farm? Is the soil fertile? Which crops are already doing well? Are you still waiting for any crops at all to appear, having just recently planted the seeds? These are important considerations that any farmer needs to take into account. Likewise, if you plan to pick the fruits of your SEO labors, you’ll need to know where you’re starting. In the SEO world, your site is your soil. If the soil’s bad, getting things to grow will be difficult. Likewise, if your website is failing to produce visits, engagement, and loyal customers, it’s time to fertilize or get better dirt.

Preparing the Soil: the Site Audit

fruits of seo soil

As seasoned SEO farmers at 97th Floor, we understand that having the right soil is the critical first step to bearing fruit and producing successful crops. That’s why we start our aspiring farmers off with a site audit to assess the quality of their soil. Some spots of ground may be already fertile and productive, while others may need more work.

Our in-depth SEO site audit identifies nutrient-poor spots of earth and gives you some clear steps to take to symbolically fertilize your land and prepare it for planting. Whether it’s slow-loading images, missing H1s, or duplicate content, we identify the key pain points and help you create a healthy environment for growth.

Identifying Goals

Which crops are growing? What’s your most lucrative crop? Which crops do you wish you were growing better? It’s best to first take inventory of what you already have, and what you hope to gain. What’s your main area of focus? Your key product offering? Before you plant any additional crops, you’ll want to nurture the ones you have to help them become even more productive and fruitful. Set a reasonable goal. We can help you through a low-hanging-fruit keyword audit.

If you’ve already got a zucchini plant, for example, you can reasonably get your zucchini to the point where they are growing up to 2 inches per day. Know that if you try to plant additional crops, on the other hand, you could be in for a long waiting game. Making an existing crop more productive is almost always much easier than planting a new one altogether, and in the world of SEO, crops that are already planted (pages that have already been producing, and keyword positions that have already been solidified) will be more fruitful than ones that haven’t even been sown. Start by improving your existing crops by identifying the already low-hanging fruit, and understand that massive gains often take more time, tender loving care, and patience to achieve.

Knowing Your Timeline

fruits of seo watering

Don’t expect to be able to enjoy your cherries if you haven’t even planted the tree yet; whether in agriculture or digital marketing, there’s no such thing as immediate results.That said, there are a few shortcuts. For instance, instead of planting cherry pits, waiting for them to germinate, and then grow ever so slowly into a thriving tree, you can spend extra to plant a cherry sapling that may produce fruit much more quickly. This is where paid marketing comes in. While the cost is steeper than traditional SEO, paid marketing (Facebook, Google PPC, LinkedIn, etc.) can yield fruits much more quickly, particularly if you’re after conversions.

If, on the other hand, you plan to increase your presence organically, then understand it will take time. In most cases, the first fruits of the SEO labors don’t manifest themselves until about 6 months into the contract. If the conditions and competitive landscape are ideal, results can come more quickly. For larger sites with rich content, several ranking keywords, and large backlink profiles, it’s not uncommon to see significant results within the first three months.

In short, if the trees are already planted, results will come more quickly. But just like every farm and environment is different, so is every company and contract. Be patient and the fruits will come.

Putting Down Roots: Backlink Acquisition

Ultimately, you want crops that are resilient and strong and withstand the test of time. You want trees with deep, strong roots. We help your crops put down the roots they need to survive in a difficult environment, by building up your site’s authority through quality, tailored content that garners the respect of search engines and the recognition of other sites. Backlinks, in essence, are the equivalent of other farmers helping you out. As you share content with them, they link back to you. In essence, you give them some eggs and they give you some seeds.

Tried and True, While Understanding the New

While every farm is different, there are some tried-and-true SEO tactics that work again and again. As experienced SEO farmers, 97th Floor understands the marketing landscape. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’re constantly learning new approaches and employing new tools. And perhaps most importantly of all, we’re invested in helping your fields yield a bumper crop.

Let’s grow your farm together. Give us a call!

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