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Repurpose Content to Reach a Wider Audience

Venafi, the leader in enterprise key and certificate management, developed the original content found on whatisflame.com. The site was developed using parallax scrolling, so it was visually appealing and adequately conveys the information to the end user.

The site is all but invisible to the almighty Googlebot. With Browseo.net’s help you can see exactly which content is visible to crawlers.
Now compare that to what we see on the site: www.whatisflame.com
This was not very helpful for our web visibility efforts. None of the subject-relevant text is crawl-able.
We could recommend redeveloping the original site to make it more search-engine friendly; however, that would require more time and costs compared to other available solutions.


  • Increase SEO rankings
  • Require little to none of the client’s time
  • Create high ROI with little time investment
  • Repurpose underperforming/old content
  • Connect old content to a new topic to revive it
  • Reach additional audience members with existing content
  • Create Web 2.0 content for the client
    • Build content on their slideshare channel

Solution(best ROI for time):
I decided to repurpose the entire site’s content into a slideshare. Slides require little time to create, and slideshare has a huge audience. Venafi targets the B2B community, and slideshare (now being part of LinkedIn) is a great vehicle to promote their content.

As the visual and written content was already created, I didn’t have to wait for someone to provide it. Aside from some great feedback in the form of slide recommendations, additional resources were not necessary on the client’s end; a simple yea/nay was all that was necessary.
I simply had to take screenshots of each element and create a logical presentation. The call to action did not change, and the design aspects were already determined.

Myfonts.com is a great tool I used to discover which fonts were used in the original design. This wasn't completely necessary to present the information, but I prefer to keep any design decisions with the “visual creatives”. I was able to replace most of the text that was used for titles on each slide, but some of the content would have consumed a lot of time to get perfect.

I had to cheat a little with the rest of the body text. I typed the text from the original screenshot and hid it behind the image layer on the slide. Hidden text

This gave slideshare something to index other than just a screenshot of text.
Text moved to slide's back layer

Some research was done to find the original sources of the quotes that are used; not a big deal, but did take some time. I also added 5 slides to connect the older information with more up-to-date information.

Naturally, the traffic results are ongoing, but within the first week of going public, it had 206 views. At week 2 the view count was up to 700. As of today (6-Dec) Venafi’s “What is Flame” slideshare has 825 views. That’s decent success considering: (1) the specific audience this content has (IT managers are busy folk); (2) had we not repurposed the content into a slideshare, the additional views would be zilch; and (3) this was a test (ie. normal marketing).

Improvements to make:
1) I need to setup a clear social sharing strategy with the client’s employees. Venafi has such a unique target customer that their own employees are one of the best sources to promote the content (Honestly, this should be true for most companies). Their own social channels will need to be leveraged as much as possible to get the best targeted coverage.
2) If you scan through the transcripts of the slides, you will notice some odd formatting issues. Some of this came from hiding text behind images, but most of the issues came from multiple text boxes within any one slide.
3) Images need to cover more of the slide real-estate.
4) Add more content from other industry influencers/thought leaders to encourage them to promote the content (with additional outreach of course (; ).

For the Future:
Honestly, I cannot think of a downside to repurposing any content into a slideshare. You can repurpose a parallax-scrolling designed page, a PDF, a past Q&A session, or even appropriate website content; slideshares are a great way to reach a wider audience. They are very easy to consume and each slide can be given its own focus.

Try to Google image search this one:

Repurpose everything

TL;DR: Any content can be repurposed into a slideshare to reach more people.

@burchems will help you.


Nathan Burch

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