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Residual Traffic

I was having a great conversation with a client today about getting residual traffic on your website, and techniques that can be used.  I would like to share a few ideas and my thoughts on how to go about this.

First of all you have to ask yourself;  "Does my site offer any reason for people to come back and visit often?"  If you have a normal ecom (shopping cart) site it may be difficult to say yes. So what can be done?  I could start a blog talking about topics related to my industry ... ie: product reviews, frequently asked questions, case studies, testimonial, and I could get others to share experiences they have had with mattresses both good and bad.  That kind of feedback alone could get visitors to my site more then once and could help them make a decision to buy from me.  I have found that browsers usually take about 5-7 times coming back to the site (according to my stats) before they are willing to sign up or purchase.

Not all topics are as hard to bring people back as mattress so what else can be done?  Here is a few ideas:

  • newsletters
  • blogs
  • articles
  • picture of the day
  • polls
  • updated news
  • stock ticker
  • news Feeds

People need to be motivated to keep coming back and these are a few ways that can be accomplished. 

An idea I had for Rocky Mountain Mattress was to create a contest called:  "who has the ugliest bed?"  and have people send in pictures, and post them on the website and then chose a winner at the end, and give them a free mattress topper or something like that.  Be creative, and figure something out for that residual traffic which could mean residual income!

I would love to hear from anyone else other techniques that have been used, and have created residual traffic!

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