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Sales Copy and SEO

I got asked a really good question yesterday regarding SEO and Sales Copy type sites.  Funny, I have never been asked this question, but thinking about it, it's such a great question I had to talk about it.

Can search engine optimization be implemented on a sales copy website?

Yes, is the simple answer ... if its done correctly.  Most people think of sales copy type sites as one (long) page sites that no one ever really reads or gets all the way through.  For the most part what I have seen, they are correct.  Those kind of sites are the hard ones to optimize.  Mainly because the one-pagers have no sub-pages to deep link to. 

What can be done?

A great solution is to expand your thinking and what you are offering on the website.  Think about services that go along with your ebook.  Think about useful information, or articles that can be added to other pages.  You may be able to compile a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" that you get about the book all the time that could help potential buyers.

Building up a site with good content is essential in getting good natural rankings, and you will not be able to accomplish it (naturally) with just a sales copy one pager.  All the same rules apply about keyword research and analysis, and using the correct words on the correct pages.  You must get a really good understanding of what people are searching for in regards to your ebook/services and go after them.  You need to find the very targeted words that will convert and not be general. 

A great example of a sales copy site that is almost perfectly optimized is one on "saving marriage" which can be found here http://www.keepyourmarriage.com ... You can see the implementation of so many different things related to their ebook, and great content on each page with different useful keywords targeted.  They know their audience and who will convert the best, so they need to use the words that will have the highest conversion based on what they will actually be able to get a ranking for.  Again, the only way this can be done is proper keyword research and analysis.

Here is a list of ideas to build up a sales copy site:

  • Articles related to what you are selling
  • Press done on your site (or related to your site)
  • FAQ
  • About Us (people want to know who you really are)
  • Other ebooks
  • Other services
  • Forms to fill out and be contacted later
  • References
  • Site Map

There are so many things that can be added to sales copy sites to help the optimization along, but keep in mind what you are trying to do is build good content for the readers so they have as much useful information as possible.  In turn, the search engines will eat it up and the rankings will come.

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