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Searching on Yahoo is becoming pathetic

I really have to admit that lately doing searches on Yahoo I have really become annoyed! Have you noticed that you have to sift through 4 sponsored results sometimes at the top for most searches? They are huge too, and take up all the space so you don't even see the natural results above the break. I think the most sponsored results a search engine should have up top is 3. If I had it my way I would only have two sponsored ads always, especially since the whole right side bar on Yahoo is sponsored results as well.

This is one of the main gripes that I have about ASK and why I will never use them again, because it seems like their whole results page when you do a search is nothing but a sponsored ad.
I am not dumb, I realize Yahoo is making big money with PPC and advertising, but I also feel they are going to start going downhill if they don't have a little less focus on all the sponsored results.

Don't get me wrong I don't have total hatred for Yahoo, and I use so many of their services and will continue to, but I know that I can't be the only one annoyed with this trend of sponsored results. Right?

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