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SEO and Google Video - how do the two relate?

Something I have been thinking about for a while is, finding a way to take advantage of Google Video from a Search Engine Optimization point of view.  Can it be done?  I think so!

Here is a great idea that I have for taking advantage of Google Video:

  • Create and upload your own video.  For example if I were to create some Videos for this site they could be tutorials on how to better optimize your site with content.  How would I create those videos?  I found a cool new download/tool thanks to a friend who sells Cold air intakes on his website.  (Thanks, Vince)  - If you've ever heard of Camtasia Studio, it's a program that allows you to record your screen and actions and even record your voice through a mic for a presentation (BUT, it carries with it a hefty price tag of $300).  This program is called Camstudio and it's free.  I downloaded it and it has great quality and you can even opt in for the voice recorder too if you have a mic.  You just tell it to record, and then, after you press stop, it automatically pulls up a save as€ box for you to save it an .avi file (for Window Media Player).  Once you've save it to your computer, you can play it, do slight alterations and even convert it into a .swf file to place on a site.  Anyhow, the site is http://www.camstudio.org/and you can just scroll down to the .exe link and download it.  Once you have created the file then go to your Google Videos account and upload the Video right there.  Make sure when naming the video you are keeping your keywords in mind.

So I have just showed you how to take advantage of Google Video to get traffic, as well as how to create the actual video so you really can take advantage of it.

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