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There Are Only 5 SEO Blogs Worth Reading

With everybody talking about the 5 reasons "why they blog" I wanted to take a different twist on it, and talk about the only 5 blogs that I think are worth reading (and why I am glad they have 5 reasons to blog). I thank Aaron Wall for giving me the idea (via his blog) to take a different approach with this.

  1. Aaron Wall - SEOBook.com is probably one of the best SEO blogs that is on the web today. I really like Aaron's no nonsense approach, and telling it like it is to those of us really interested in truly figuring out the Search industry.
  2. MICHAEL GRAY - Wolf-Howl.com is one of the few and only (SEO) Blogs that can get a comment out of Matt Cutts. That alone makes me want to read this blog everyday! Keep it up Michael! (And if you are new to him, you will love the new video blogs he has been doing)
  3. Matt Cutts - MattCutts.com/blog OK, anytime a Google person is going to blog about the Search industry I want to listen. Matt has a cool name too!
  4. Rand Fishkin - SEOMoz.org is simply amazing. They have amazing real information about SEO (sometimes almost to good, and it makes you wonder why they are giving it out) They also have great user interaction, and the actually get back with their readers and let them know they hear them! You guys rock! Keep it up.
  5. Andy Beal - MarketingPilgrim.com is the most updated Internet marketing blog on the web. Andy is one of the few people I ever felt was worth listening to at any of the many Search Engine Conferences I have attended.

Ok, so there are plenty more SEO (and marketing/search industry related) blogs worth reading (which I do) but these are the 5 that have influenced me and my blogging style the most. These are also the people that I have learned the most from. If you do not have them on your RSS radar then get with the program! The only reason I left ShoeMoney off this list is because even he himself says he's not an SEO (although I have probably learned more SEO stuff from him site then any of the above 5)

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