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SES New York 2006

Rupert G from hello deli
Yes, thats Rupert G from Hello Deli! One of our first stops during our NYC SES 2006!

Ok now I know that this has already been done time and time again by other search engine marketers, but since I attended the SES Training in New York this year and I have never been a big blogger, I must add my two cents.

Over all I got out of it what I had expected. It was broke down into two main areas: Advanced and Beginners. Some of the Advanced training should have been in the basics and it made me feel really good about where I am and what I do.

Two key people I really got some good information out of were Eric Ward and Matt Cutts from Google. These two are really good at what they do and have a good way of getting teaching the information they have. It is also fun to pick their brains on certain topics.

I feel a lot of the training on researching out keywords some of the real fundamentals were left out. For example the whole time I was there I only heard one person BRIEFLY mention allinanchor and allintitle in researching out keywords. When I am about to go after words for clients and really start the SEO process this is one of the biggest areas that should be researched out. Most of the people were just talking about the basic keyword selector tool and telling us to pay for geo-targeted words (not a bad idea) but not when you are talking about keyword research for SEM.

I will go ahead and start posting more and really getting into this whole blogging thing! SEM is forcing me to do that! GRRR

I would love to hear back from other attendees of the SES New York and see if my feelings are shared.

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