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Site Conversion Problems

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this statement (from people that are coming to me after everything else they have tried has failed): "I am getting lots of traffic every day, but I am not selling a single thing. What am I doing wrong?"

The sad thing is when you ask these people what their conversion rate is, they say; huh? Right away you know where their problem is. Most of the conversion problems that I see with new clients is that they don't use any type of analytics programs or even know what analytics is for that matter.

About the only these people have kept their eyes on is the "basic statistical information" like hits and unique visitors etc. Yes, this information is beneficial and you need to keep an eye on it, but its the most basic level of analytics and an internet business owner needs to step it up a notch to some type of analytics program.

Thanks to Google Analytics there is a very affordable solution (FREE) when it comes to finding an analytics program that can tell us things like; why you are getting a "ton" of traffic and no sales every day.

Here is a list of a few things you need in a good analytics program in order to get your website converting better:

  • Setting up goals for organic conversion rate.
  • Setting up goals for PPC conversion rate.
  • What is your highest entry page percentage? (are you offering any products or services on it?)
  • What is your highest exited page percentage? (why are people leaving it? are your prices too high?)
  • What pages are being viewed the most on your site? (are you offering products or services on all of them?)
  • Heat tracking (do you have the most important stuff where your visitors are clicking?)
  • What links are visitors clicking on inside your site?

These are just a few of many things you should be considering when looking for an analytics program to help you with conversion rate issues. I always take the most obvious approach and if I am getting a ton of visitors to a page and no sales, I go look at the competition and see what prices they are setting for the exact same product. I check all of the top sites on all major engines (yes all of them) as well as checking out prices on Ebay and other buying solution sites. (click on the link for a reminder of what buying solution sites are) I know these seem like basic ideas, but from experience I see a lot of clients missing out on this major points.

If you are looking for some good free analytics programs, here are the ones I use. I know there are more out there and I would love for my readers to share more if they would like, but these are the ones I use and love.

Crazy Egg has the heat maps feature that I just adore, and Google Analytics pretty much has everything a small internet business owner should need when it comes to analytics and tracking their website for better conversion.

Keep in mind there are so many other factors as to why your site does not convert like website design, navigation (do the visitors get lost on your site?) so you need to keep those kind of things in mind when talking about conversion. Here is the question I ask all my clients; "Would you buy from your site?" If the answer is no then maybe its time to invest into a website design.


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