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Link building - “slow and steady” wins the race

A great question was asked a few weeks ago and I feel it's time to talk about it again.

How many directories should I be submitting to at one time?

A good question for any small internet business owner just learning about search engine optimization.  With so many programs offering to submit to over 100,000 search engines (plus) every month and blah blah (getting you in Google over night or in 48 hours bull) you kind of get lost what is Kosher don't you?  You start to wonder what could be considered spammy and what is legit. 

Here is my take on it.  I try to come on slow and steady with all of my sites.  I realize that I am not going to be found for the more general keywords overnight, but thats ok since I am not going after those words.  I am going after the more targeted words that I have researched out and analyzed, and know that I will get good rankings for with a few good quality links.  With link building its more important to get quality people linking to you than 100,000 worthless people that are unrelated linking to you.  Granted people do it and it gets results, but eventually will get you blacklisted on Google and you never want that. 

Think about this business being long term investment.  You would rather do it right and make 2 grand a month for life, then 10 grand for only two months... (see the difference?)

If we are talking about just regular good old fashion free directory submission I would try to take on 25 a week (or so).  I really don't believe doing more than that hurts you, it just makes sure that you are not getting burned out, and are doing it correctly.  What hurts you is if over night somehow (through a link farm or other spammy methods) you can get 100k links pointing to you.  This might create some unwanted attention.

Just remember link building takes time and is not something that can be accomplished in one weekend alone. It's marketing. Think about it.  You don't pay for one radio ad (in an offline business) and hope that brings you all the traffic you need.  You continue to market, and that is exactly what you are doing with this strategy of directory submission.

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