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SMX (not so) Advanced, But Well Worth It!

Just getting my life back to normal after moving, then three days later going to Seattle for the big SMX Advanced Search Engine Expo/Training/Conference/Networking Show.

The conference sessions that were suppose to be "advanced" in my opinion were not all "advanced" with the exception to a few (and you know who you are since I chatted with you at the AWESOME SEOMoz party - more on that in a minute). Overall I am really pleased with the conference though. Danny Sullivan did a great job of making it a much better conference than SES, and I did learn more than when attending PubCon. There was not so much down your throat sales pitches/advertising (let me not teach you, just teach you that you are stupid and need my services) during trainings (except for maybe Bruce Clay). What are you gonna do though?

I will attend SMX again, and anything that Danny has to offer (even if just for the networking). With the SMX Advanced here now, I will probably never go to another SES again.

Of course the usuals - Cameron, Rand, Todd, Aaron, Jim, Michael, Niel were all amazing (and a few others) and still never have let me down (ok, Matt gave some pretty good advice too). It was amazing getting to meet all these people and get to know them better. (Again, a BIG HAT TIP to SEOMoz for the killer party they hosted!

Here are some pictures you may enjoy:

matt cutts playing pool at the seomoz party

chris bennett and jim boykin

seomoz SMX advanced party

Getting back on track to the SMX, I had enough, and had to leave the last "advanced" session when "a" (not mentioning names) lady was talking about "alt tags" - come on! Who lets these people on panels? Give me some "advanced" stuff, and not "SEO for the 90's"! Go change your meta tags or something please!!! Do you got to sleep with someone first to get on a panel?

I will be posting soon more when I am dug out from this hole I am in (sorry clients and my Internet businesses come before this blog) about the stuff I learned from SMX Advanced. Hopefully my insights and what I took from SMX Advanced will give value to someone who reads this blog.

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