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Solo SEO a New SEO Tool Set

As I am writing this I am logging into the new SOLO SEO Tool Set and Customer Management System. I actually stumbled across SOLO SEO from watching my backlinks. They had done a blog post about domain names and how you should steer away from domains with numbers in them, but excluded me from the rule as 97th Floor is a killer name. (Sorry a little biased) anyways I love it when I get natural links, and so since then I have been following their site waiting for their official launch.

First off I gotta say I have used everything, IBP, Web CEO, SEO Elite, you name it and the first thing I am excited about is the online capabilities. It will be so much easier to manage clients sites from anywhere as I won't have to install and keep updating my software on every computer. I won't have to pay extra for my employees or for running it on more than 2 computers which is pretty much standard on all the other products I have used. I love to travel, I was out of town for 10 out of the last 12 weeks and having this available anywhere on any computer will be killer. Heck I need to login on my Treo 700 and see if it can handle that too. If it can I will be sold for life.

Im using the keyword finder first, I started with Utah Search Engine Optimization since I rank for that and all the related terms and I would be able to evaluate what they are saying very well. I used 4 words it said not to and I got an error. That was my fault. I then added SEO Firm and got a good look from Word Tracker, Overture and Google Adwords. They created a bar to show traffic instead of actual numbers, and they have a cool interface to check a related term as the main search, also have easy to use add keyword to your list button. Overall I say good, It was quick to get results, I will have to test the 4 words or more a little bit.

I just used the Keyword Site Scan in-conjunction with the keyword Finder that is one of the best keyword scrapers I have used, brought back a list far better than most crap out there.

The Link Search Tool is cool it is comprehensive and very quick and dirty I like it. There are some tweaks I think I will suggest to them based off of some tools that I am in the process of building. They are further a long and this is their business so I think I will let them test my idea to see if it helps.

The Competitors Back Links is pretty sweet, it does it off of keyword so you can compare multiple sites at once, or you can do an individual site. They have a check box next to the link so you can add them into your tracking. I will have to play with it some more to see what link: search it is based off of, but overall I like it.

Link bookmarker is awesome, sometimes I will find a killer link or site that I want to get a link from but I don't have time to email or submit so I email myself the link or put it in my to do's. This will bookmark it in a link section of my solo seo account that is very cool.

Im pretty much done, I like it a lot there is one thing that I was looking forward to the most, that is letting me down. I love a good ranking report software, and so far IBP 9 is my favorite. It will do as many keywords as you want, and it gives you an awesome and professional looking report to send to clients. I also use it to include my partners Logos so I can private label my seo services for them.
The keyword ranking report in Solo Seo only allows you to run 10 words at a time. I need to test it more, but I am always checking at least 30-50 plus keywords even for my smallest client, and thousands for my big clients. Also I ran the report for about 4 words and it is put in a queue. It didn't take to long to run that is good and I like how it displays the actual report. I just don't think I will use it that often as I always need to check more than 10 words. I also like to include all my competitors in my reports too, as well as how much the ranking has moved compared to the month before.

Maybe this is in the works, or maybe I am mistaking and this is more for the guy running one or two sites, and not a firm managing hundreds of sites.

Overall I think it is awesome I will use it regardless of the reporting, specifically for the keyword and link tools and that I can do it from anywhere even on my Treo I just tried. My wife is going to kill me, one more thing to have me do while I am away from the computer.

*Note I ran through this there is a 14 day trial so test it your self, I may be wrong on the reporting it is just what I saw during my first attempt.

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Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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