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Soovle: More Than Just Keyword Research

There are many tools out there to assist with keyword research.  Many of these keyword research tools can be effectively used outside of the keyword research stage of search engine optimization.

We have all heard “Content is King”, and it is only getting more important.  As we continue to move towards producing higher quality content, we also need to keep in mind content virality.  This means producing content that will be devoured and shared online.  Something that has been on my mind lately is the idea of predicting  the success of content using different resources online.  Rand Fishkin expounded on this idea in a recent Whiteboard Friday video found here.


One tool that I really like is Soovle.com.  Much like how Google’s “Search Suggest” suggests words and phrases that are widely searched, Soovle pulls in similar search suggestions from all over the web.  This is valuable information because Soovle returns what people are searching all over the web.

For example, say I would like some content ideas for a zombie niche site I was working on.  I could type in “zombie” in Soovle and it would pull searches performed on different websites for the term “zombie”. Looking at the screenshot below, you can see the watermark of the service it is pulling data from.  Here is a screenshot to illustrate what I am talking about:

Soovle demonstration

Now here is where it gets fun.  You can cycle through different letters of the alphabet to see many different searches being performed like this:

Soovle demonstration

This can help you generate ideas of content that is being looked for.  For example, I can see what kind of content is searched for on YouTube regarding zombies.  I could then make some YouTube videos crafted around the results (or gaps) in the Soovle results.  In addition to creating the video, it would be beneficial to make sure that the keyword I am going for is in the YouTube video title and description.  After this, obtain some G+ plus ones, and the video might just land in a pretty nice place in the SERPs.  This will further help you control more results in the SERPS.


One cool feature is that Soovle is customizable, meaning you can determine which sites to pull data from.  This ranges anywhere from Google, Bing and YouTube to Ebay, Amazon and Yelp.  You can also jump directly from the Soovle search page to Google trends to see interest over time, regional interest and related terms.

Additional Uses

Soovle is pretty awesome and I have used it for other things than what I have mentioned above.  A list of some of the uses I’ve seen are as follows:

  • Keyword Research (of course)
  • Generating content ideas
  • Generate partial anchor text variations
  • Find growing niches
  • Find content gaps that you could fill

I have enjoyed using this tool stand alone as well as teamed up with other tools like Übersuggest.  I'm sure there are many alternative uses as well and would love to hear about them if you are using the tool differently.

Josh Moody

Josh Moody is the Director of R&D at 97th Floor.

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