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Splash Pages (Yes, they still are a bad thing!)

Question:  Is it bad to have a splash page on my website?

I can't begin to tell you how many times I am asked this question and every time I am amazed at the way people think.  I think they were bad in the 90s and they are still bad now.  There is no place for a Splash Page on your website.  If you are a webmaster or in charge of marketing for your business and you have one TAKE IT OFF NOW.  In the line of monopoly do not pass go, do not collect $100 ... just get it off.

Why are true SEO's and SEM's passionate about this?  These pages do nothing for you except lose customers.  As a consumer when I am looking to buy something online I want to skip the BS and get right to the meat of the matter--in this case the product.  I do not need to waste time with a flashy intro that usually has no content (bad for search engines) and the Meta is usually done wrong.  Its hard to optimize for flash and most splash pages are built this way, but I have even seen some really horrible HTML splash pages.  They are all bad! 

Think about yourself when you are surfing the web and looking to purchase something.  You do not need one more click to waste your time. Give me the info and let me be on my way!!!

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