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Stingy with your outbound links?

Reading a few posts today made me think of something that has been on my mind for quite some time when it comes to link building strategies. Should outbound links (and I am talking the regular ones - not this no follow bullcrap) be a strategical part of your link building strategies?

My take on it is simple - Absolutely!

Some of the benefits from giving away outbound links could include better recognition from the search engines. They see that you are not selfish and just getting as many possible links to yourself as possible. If you have good content on your website, blog or forum then you do not need to worry about losing visitors clicking away from you. You should be giving them reasons to keep coming back to you because of the content. Another benefit could be that linking to a bigger site in your industry could build up your credibility with them, and they will accept your posted comments (maybe even let you anchor up a keyword if the comment is useful) on their blog as well as possibly add you to their blog roll. Linking out to other sites/blog posts/forums could get you trackback links as well. There are a lot of sites that monitor and most of the bigger ones do, but you should never have to worry about getting deleted if you are being upfront and whitehat about your methods of linking out.

It all comes back to credibility. Credibility for your site with your readers, and the search engines. From my experience I have had better luck getting sites to rank that are not stingy with their outbound links, and really use it as a strategical part of their linking strategies.

Be careful of some sites that you link out to though as I have read linking out to certain sites can hurt your rankings. I would probably never link to a site that is not indexed in Google (besides ones I know that are brand new). You never want to link to a site that has been blacklisted, or questionable in nature. If you ever have a question about someone you are going to link to ... ask yourself this question: "Would Matt Cutts link to this person?" (this link was not a no follow, but who am I kidding, Matt does not need a link from me) LOL ... Have a great day!

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